1 pair  woodworking holdfast holddown for 3/4" benchdog hole

1 pair woodworking holdfast holddown for 3/4" benchdog hole

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Country/region Of Manufacture : United States Brand : Lordblacksmith


Sold as a pair.Hold Not eats

for carpentry. Built for regular 3/4" opening. These are actually give shaped away from 5/8" solid round legal profession Perfect for 1-1/2" or more thick bench leading. If you possess details criteria we can easily personalize some aspects of these. Handymans in Santa Fe, NM get all of them coming from me and also love all of them. Around 4-1/2" throat as well as 12" from leading of arc to finish of ray.

They are priced and offered as a set. That is actually one order for a collection from 2 holdfasts.One reccomendation

I had was to texture the shaft. I leave them rugged, however I carry out certainly not structure. Do not hesitate to tweak them as you want. Some folks do harsh all of them with sand paper. I am going to show a. picture of a dangling scale to reveal the quantity of power the holdfasts create when set.These are actually of better top quality at a substantially

lower expense than those of Lie Nelson (wonderful toolmaker )( google.com lie nelson holdfast )I also sell the holdfasts as a pair rather than one.Thank you a lot for all the responses! Any kind of inquiries or even pointers

rate as well as appreciated!


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MPN NA Brand Lordblacksmith Weight Dop 9
Contact Delmer Rempel City North Waldostad Company Bashirian, Abbott and Doyle
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1 Pair Woodworking Holdfast Holddown for 3/4 benchdog hole

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